Welcome to Faith United Methodist Church

Wednesday Family Night


Need a mid-week faith pick-me-up?  Join us for our Wednesday Family Night!

Join us at 6:00 pm for dinner and fellowship!  At 6:30 pm, we'll sing a few songs and share some time in prayer.  At 6:45 pm, the kids will break off to children's activities, the youth will head to their Youth Group, and the choir will go into their rehearsal.  Everyone remaining will share in a study and discussion with Pastor Ray.  

We hope you will join us on Wednesday evening!


Sunday Worship


Traditional Worship takes place in the Sanctuary at 9:00 am.  Enjoy a traditional flow of worship, sing hymns  accompanied by our organist, and take in the music of the Fargo Faith Choir.  And each week, Pastor Ray delivers a message, of course!

Sunday School takes place at 10:00 am.  Sunday School classes for K-5, 6-12, and adults are offered at Fargo Faith.

Our Coffee Fellowship also takes place at 10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall.  Visit with our church family and get to know some new people over a cup of coffee and a delicious treat!

Our Contemporary Worship Service takes place at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary.  Enjoy the feel and flow of a true worship service with a more modern feel featuring music and worship under the leadership of the Big House Band and take in a message by Pastor Ray!

Our Vision Statement: The people of FUMC will...


We aspire to be a Christian community of action.

We seek to support our local community and the global community.  We challenge all to go into the world in service, putting personal faith into action.


We aspire to be a caring and nurturing community.

We seek to proclaim the good news and live the example of Jesus, creating a community of love, compassion, and forgiveness where people encounter God and are transformed and renewed by Christ's love.


We aspire to be a community of faith that welcomes all people.

We seek to invite and welcome all people to experience the love of Christ. All people are welcome at Faith United Methodist Church.

Upcoming Outreach Project: Feed My Starving Children


Our next major Outreach Project here at Fargo Faith will be putting together three teams of volunteers to help Feed My Starving Children! The event will be taking place from 5-7pm at the Scheels Arena on Saturday, February 2nd!  During this event, volunteers will help to pack meals for hungry children and their families all over the globe.

Our minimum goal is to have 36 volunteers for this event. Ray Baker, Aaron Bedford, and Christopher Hanson are serving as team leaders for the event. Ray is recruiting members for the "Traditional Worship Team", Aaron is recruiting members for the "Contemporary Worship Team", and Christopher is recruiting for the "Youth Team". If you're interested in volunteering, please visit with the appropriate person for the team you wish to be on! Through this, we'll engage in some "friendly competition"!

To learn more about what the two-hour session includes, watch the video below!

If you have questions or you'd like to join a team, contact Christopher Hanson at (701) 232-6844 or by e-mail at office@fargofaithumc.org.

Pastor Ray on his Missions Trip to the Dominican Republic:

Monday: Travel day. 

Tuesday: Met with a sociologist from the National Church Office to learn about the culture.  We drove for 6 hours from Santo Domingo to Monte Christi. 

Wednesday: Long day in the sun.  The church yard was full of people.  The women served a feast.  We made 35 ovens today and need to do the same tomorrow. 

Thursday: We have 80 people registered for an oven.  I hope the day goes well and we can get done early. 

Friday: What a day. 16 people who attended the first day couldn't afford the ovens, so they didn't register, 80 registered for an oven.  We handed out all 80.  Everyone who registered came back.  The leaders said this was the first time that had happened. 

I couldn't believe how the people cheered and laughed when they saw and smelled the food as it was brought in. Their appreciation was amazing and inspiring.  The work has been challenging because of the language barrier, but the payoff of handing someone an oven was amazing. 

We went to two schools, primary and high school.  The teachers and staff participated in the workshop.  Students helped build the ovens.  A second workshop is offered tomorrow. 

Saturday: We decided to split the team.  The cooks and SOP staff went to the schools.  I’m staying at the local church in Monte Christi to build ovens.  We made the last ten ovens this morning.  

A truck is coming with an additional 120 ovens.  We will spend the the evening making ovens for the Monday workshops in Dajsbon.

We don’t know how many of the 120 additional ovens we need to assemble.  We’re going to give a workshop to a Haitian community on the boarder.  We don’t want to take extra ovens because we will go through about 10 check points on the way back, so it will be an hour trip there and a 2 1/2 hour trip back.