Family Ministries


group gathers for fall outing

Connecting through small groups is an essential ministry of our church. The beauty of a small group is everyone belongs and, in no time, everyone will know your name. We offer topical studies in six week classes on Wednesday nights, at 6:45 pm. There is also an adult Sunday school class at 11:15 am. These are wonderful opportunities to join in a group of about 12 people to learn and share about your faith.

 As is the custom in our region, we take a break from classes during the summer. Classes run from September 19th, 2023 to May 22nd, 2024.



Faith’s Sunday school classes are designed to bring Bible lessons to life in order to help us share God’s love.  Classes include prayers, music, and sharing the week’s blessings and concerns.Leaders encourage children to ask questions. Craft projects are an integral part of classes too.  All these activities are designed to learn how to love, care for, and respect others and ourselves. 


The youth group at Faith United Methodist is an energetic, passionate, and tight-knit community of middle and high school members of the Faith United Methodist community. Our mission is to foster a sense of fellowship and a desire to follow Christ. The youth group meets on Wednesday evenings during the school year to discuss scripture, play lots of fun games, and get to learn more about each other. Some of the youth group’s favorite activities include kickball, Apples to Apples, and marshmallow baseball. The youth group is led by Ben Cleary and Kate Naujokas.