Service Sunday - March 31st

Once again, we're in a month that has five Sundays! With that being said, the fifth Sunday of this month, March 31st, will be SERVICE SUNDAY!

That morning, we'll have some service projects for our church members to participate in. Be sure to sign up for a project this coming Sunday in the lobby. There will be at least two projects outside of the church and at least one in-house project at the church.

We will offer a Traditional Worship Service that morning at 9am. The in-house service project will take place in the Fellowship Hall following the worship service.

Remember, Service Sunday is a day not to skip church, but to GO OUT AND BE THE CHURCH. We are the hands and the feet of Jesus- let's go out and help those who are in need of our aid!


Palm Sunday Breakfast - April 14th

Please mark your calendars that on Sunday, April 14th, the Fargo Faith Youth Group will be serving a Palm Sunday Breakfast between the two worship services at 10am! All proceeds from this breakfast will go towards sending the Youth Group on a six-day mission trip this summer to Duluth, Minnesota! 


Easter Sunday Worship - April 21st

Just a reminder that on Easter Sunday, we will have one single service taking place at 10am!