Ray Baker

Senior Pastor

Pastor Ray Baker has served as the Senior Pastor at Fargo Faith United Methodist Church since July 1, 2017.  CLICK HERE learn more about Pastor Ray!

Christopher Hanson

Worship Leader, Music Director, Executive Assistant, and Youth Pastor

Christopher Hanson has served as the Music Director and Executive Assistant at Fargo Faith UMC since May 15, 2015.  He became the Worship Leader in January of 2016.  Most recently in late August of 2018, he took on the job of Youth Pastor.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Christopher!


Campus Pastor

Kathy Frost

Fargo Faith Choir Director

Caleb Lawson


Heidi Farrell

Choir Accompanist

Ann Rodriguez


Hannah Devine and Emma Devine

Wednesday Childcare


Sunday Childcare


Leadership Team

Lay Leader - VACANT

Pastor - Ray Baker

Financial Secretary - Susan Martin

Treasurer - Karl-Heinz Mertins

Staff Parish Relations Committee - Diana Moen

Lay Delegate - VACANT

Trustees Co-Chairs - Jay Hoherz and Courtney Streed

Worship - Christopher Hanson

Outreach/Missions Co-Chairs - Melissa Wheeler and Christopher Hanson

Education Chair - Dawn Hoherz

UMW Co-Presidents - Jan Jones and Janice Randerson

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Diana Moen - Chair

Jan Jones

Melissa Wheeler

Roger Grimm

Harold Mattingly

Ray Baker (Ex Officio - Pastor)


Court Streed - Co-Chair

Jay Hoherz - Co-Chair

Roger Moen

Charles Dittman

Jim Towne

Scott Brewer

Bre Gronaas

Vern Hofman

Ray Baker (Ex Officio - Pastor)

Karl-Heinz Mertins (Ex Officio - Finance)

Landscape Team 

Deb Laber

Ken Laber

Dianna Ostern

Susan Martin


Melissa Wheeler - Chair (Missions)

Christopher Hanson - Chair (Outreach)

Mariah Bultman

Steven Wheeler

Lisa Farnham

Tammy Towne


Dawn Hoherz - Chair



Dawn Hoherz

 Ariana Brewer

 Christopher Hanson



Ray Baker

Youth Group

Christopher Hanson


Adult Sunday School

Charles Dittman

Jennette Dittman


Wednesday Kid's Activities

Hannah Devine

Emma Devine


Ray Baker

Funeral Serving Team

Mary Davidson

Twila Hofman

Sharon Miller

Sandy Whited

JoAnn Pollert

Dianna Ostern

Karen Balsbaugh

Finance Team

Financial Secretary

Susan Martin

Assistant Financial Secretary

Brenda Mehus



Karl-Heinz Mertins


Assistant Treasurer



Ex Officio - Pastor

Ray Baker


Christopher Hanson - Chair


Cliff Hagen - Alters and Banners

Greg Brown - Communion Steward

Christopher Hanson - Lay Readers

Christopher Hanson - Ushers

Gene and Jan Jones - Greeters

Kathy Frost - Choir Director

Christopher Hanson - Worship Band Director


Christopher Hanson - Tech Team Leader


Tech Team Members

Ken Christiansen

Christopher Hanson

Ken Laber

Brenda Mehus

Dixie Schulz

Foundation Committee

Bruce Davidson - Chair

Vernon Hofman

Eugene Jones

Ken Laber

Donna Sell